Smart Production Nursery factsheet available for growers

Are you looking to enhance your use of technology to boost your nursery’s sustainable outcomes?

Look no further than the Smart Production Nursery factsheet, released as a part of the levy funded ‘Digital remote monitoring to improve horticulture’s environmental performance’ (ST19024) project.

This factsheet aims to support growers by providing information on new environmentally friendly on-farm practices and technologies that can be used, specific to production nurseries.

Golden Grove Nursery is the Smart Production Nursery for the National Landcare Program and Hort Innovation funded project, which aims to develop tools to help Australian horticultural businesses improve nutrient, water and labour efficiency and reduce barriers to Best Management Practice (BMP) adoption.

Through the program, Golden Grove Nursery, a 2-hectare citrus tree stock production nursery in Torbanlea, Queensland, has implemented a new smart irrigation system and installed smart sensors, streamlining production practices as a result.

Download the factsheet here:  Smart Production Nursery factsheet – Golden Grove Nursery 

If you have any questions about this factsheet or the levy-funded Project, please contact David Hunt, Greenlife Industry Australia’s (GIA) Smart Farming Project Officer at [email protected].

 Hort Innovation funded project ‘Digital remote monitoring to improve horticulture’s environmental performance’ (ST19024) using the Hort Innovation nursery products research and development levy and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.