South Australia is gearing up for proposed new plant declarations

From October 2013 to January 2014 Biosecurity SA led a public consultation process for at third batch of proposed changes to declarations under the Natural Resources Management Act. In the batch of 50 plants being considered, 24 new plants have been proposed for declaration in South Australia. The Nursery and Garden Industry SA (NGISA) made a submission to Biosecurity SA seeking confirmation that Asparagus aethiopicus Myersii, sold as “foxtail fern” will be exempted from the proposed new declarations of Asparagus aethiopicus, and that Cenchrus advena was not included in the proposed new declaration of Cenchrus setaceus “fountain grass”. Biosecurity SA has confirmed these two exemptions from the proposed declarations. NGISA has also worked closely with Biosecurity SA on identifying sterile cultivars of gazania subject to Plant Breeders Rights in Australia, to be exempt from the proposed declaration of gazania.

Pending approval from the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation the new declarations will come into place early in 2015. For information about the 24 new plants being proposed for declaration, see

If you have any questions about the proposed declarations please contact David Cooke at Biosecurity SA ([email protected] or 08 8303 9510).