Springtime webinars to well-prepare industry

Webinars 1 and 2 imageA series of webinars is being run to help production nursery professionals more efficiently produce plants free of pests and diseases and avoid disease outbreaks.

The training is being offered as part of the levy funded project ‘Building the resilience and on-farm biosecurity capacity of the Australian production nursery industry’, and will add to a suite of web-based resources being developed.

Each 1-hour webinar will focus on specific areas concerning pest and disease management, with a half hour presentation, and half an hour to ask questions of the expert presenters.

Growers can register for each webinar through the link below each title. A confirmation email will be sent, with instructions for joining the webinar. A reminder email will also be sent a few days before each event.

Pest identification is critical for correct management. This will focus on the identification of potentially harmful insects commonly encountered in production nurseries, and what to do about predators or parasitoids (beneficial species). It will also explain the process to take when an unknown species is found.

What active ingredients will have least impact on naturally occurring beneficial populations? How do you avoid phytotoxic effects? How do you find out what products are available for use against a particular insect?

Learn the basic tips to distinguish fungal from bacterial leaf spots and a number of other common leaf problems during this webinar.

Fungal and bacterial pathogens can be present on (or in) plants without causing symptoms. How do I use pesticides and be sure that plants are supplied to customers free of the pest? These topics will all be covered during this webinar.

Project Code: NY15002

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