Street Tree Research has impact on production nursery.

The comment is often made that we constantly need to change to stay still. Ideas for improving production processes can come from a range of sources, sometimes unexpected applications in one area will have an impact on your business. At the TreeNet (Trees, Roads, experimentation and Education Network) Conference in 2011 there was a presentation on how street trees can manage stormwater, and the opportunities for permeable pavers. Tim Johnson an arborist with City of Mitcham and PhD student at University of South Australia presented data on the ability of trees to utilise water against water tension gradients by equalising the water pressure when the stomata were closed and there was no transpiration. By running tests predawn the research showed that trees would reach their potential before stomata opened and water was lost to the environment.

Attending TreenNet and presenting a paper with me on new trees for the future was Hamish Mitchell from Speciality Trees, an award winning nursery in Victoria. Enthused by the outcomes of Tim’s research Hamish altered his watering schedule, so his trees are all watered predawn. Hamish reports that his water use is down by 20% and his stock is far healthier( difficult to quantify at this stage but Tim’s work showed increased growth from street trees)

The presentations made by Tim can be found on the following link: CLICK HERE

Well worth a visit as there are full copies of proceedings that will provide an insight into how trees contribute so much to our urban environment.