The Awards are for everyone. Get your team involved.

Entering an award is a great motivator and team building exercise for any business.   With the introduction of supporting video, you are presented with a great opportunity to build marketing assets for your business and get your whole team involved.   Here are some tips to involve your team in the awards:

  • Allocate each of the six business criteria to a different staff member. You may have people specialising in different areas of your business or this could be an opportunity to professionally develop staff in a particular skill.
  • Have a team meeting about what is required by the submission questions.  Let your staff help flesh out your responses.  You’ll be surprised by all the things being done that ‘just happen’ because of good systems you put in place. And, you can use this catch up as an impromptu planner.
  • Choose a video day! Work towards that day with your staff as though someone is coming to assess your site.  Whether it’s a video or a customer – you need to be looking your best. If you are preparing to video your business and support your submission, why not make this video a marketing or training tool too.
  • Put your staff in front of the camera and let them be creative.  Have them share their passion for their industry and the business they dedicate their hours to.
  • Do you know who your online socialites, gamers, app addicts, YouTubers, Facebookers, Tweeters are?  All of these people have knowledge on how to capture, edit and upload video.  Utilise their skills.

CLICK HERE for more resources on completing an awards entry and creating video attachments.

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