Updated release of NGIA Plant Labelling Guidelines

Nursery and Garden Industry Australia have just released Version 2 of their Plant Labelling Guidelines. The updated Guidelines were developed in close consultation with growers, label manufacturers, retailers and industry representatives including a legal team with a specialist interest in intellectual property within the nursery industry. Originally released in 2007, the guidelines were designed to provide industry with an easy to follow guide in the preparation of accurate and unambiguous labels and marketing materials for plants.

National Plant Label Guidelines

The guidelines cover;

  • Botanical nomenclature
  • Intellectual property; Trademark and Plant Breeders Rights (PBR)
  • Potentially harmful plants for both health and environment

Key changes in Version 2 include;

  • An updated explanation of PBR and trademark use
  • Revised warnings for plants which pose potential health risks
  • A revised list of plants potentially harmful to health
  • Changes to the recommended wording for plants with weed potential
  • An updated list of references and links
  • Inclusion of information on barcodes compliance with GS1

A hardcopy of the guidelines will be mailed to growers and other industry members in the near future. A PDF version can be found on the policy page of the NGIA website or by clicking the image.

If you require any further information relating to the NGIA Plant Label Policy , please contact Chris O’Connor,  Policy & Technical Officer on 02 8861 5110 or email chris.oconnor@ngia.com.au