Vegetable leafminer communication and extension package available for industry

Thursday, 4 March 2021

The ‘Research, Development and Extension program for control, eradication and preparedness of vegetable leafminer’ (MT16004) project wrapped up at the end of 2020.

Working to better understand and promote the full impact an infestation of the vegetable leafminer species could mean for the Australian horticultural sector, a suite of resources were developed to be utilised by the nursery industry to ensure the risk of an incursion is minimised and highlight what management practices could be put in place.

Led by project lead Cesar and project partners Plant Health Australia, the University of Melbourne, Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy (NAQS) and AUSVEG this package provides industry with access to the most up to date information on exotic leafminers to stop these pesky pests in their tracks.

First detected in 2015 in Cape York, Australia, the vegetable leafminer (Liriomyza sativae) poses a significant risk to the nursery industry. From plant stunting, low productivity and degradation – the consequences of the damage left behind are extensive and can have significant impacts on producers yield, marketability, and profitability.

These resources developed through this project have now been collated in a ‘Communication and extension package’ for industry. This includes a suite of resources including a video tutorial, collection of articles, webinar recordings, project videos, a ‘get to know VLM’ PowerPoint presentation, a lifecycle infographic, biological and chemical management plans, a surveillance plan, and regional response plans.

To access this extension package, head to:

These resources seek to help producers prepare for incursions, mitigate risk, and manage these exotic pests.

With Australia’s nursery industry valued at $2.44 billion, according to the 2018-19 Nursery Industry Statistics report, it’s critical that industry is protected from the substantial economic damage inflicted by a potential exotic leafminer incursions and to continue the growth of the sector.

AUGVEG and FMC recently hosted a webinar on the serpentine leafminer (Liriomyza huidobrensis), where experts presented the current management options and dangers of this pest. This is available to view here:

The ‘Research, Development and Extension program for control, eradication and preparedness of vegetable leafminer’ (MT16004) project has been funded by Hort Innovation using the vegetable, nursery, melon and potato research and development levies and contribution from the Australian Government.